Smart Packets

As part of the DARPA Active Nets program, BBN is developing a capability for packets to carry programs which are executed at each node the packet visits in the network. The programs implement extended diagnostic fuctionality in the network. To do this, BBN is developing a special language for programming Smart Packets called Sprocket.

A complete Sprocket program will be encoded in either a single IPv4 or IPv6 datagram. Our goal is to fit an interesting program in an Ethernet-sized packet, which requires a very compact representation. Furthermore, the program will be authenticated before intrepretation and run-time limited during execution.

Impact of Smart Packet technology:

Quad Chart

Slides from Kansas Kickoff (Sept, 1996)

Slides from 2nd Active Nets Workshop (March, 1997)

Smart Packets for Active Networks [PostScript] by Beverly Schwartz, Alden W. Jackson, W. Timothy Strayer, Wenyi Zhou, Dennis Rockwell and Craig Partridge (Presented at OpenArch, March 1999). A revised version of this paper appeared in ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (Feb. 2000, 18(1)) and can be retrieved from the ACM Digital Library.

Active Network Encapsulation Protocol (ANEP) daemon for FreeBSD Software Available!

Smart Packets 1.0.2 distribution Software Available!

BBN's use of CAIRN for Smart Packets.

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